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A004 – Neuroscience

Area coordinator

José Castillo Sánchez

Research objectives

The main purpose of the Neuroscience area is to seek new therapeutic targets and to improve the clinical and therapeutic management strategies for neurological patients, mainly for those affected by a stroke, by Alzheimer’s disease, by Parkinson’s disease, by headaches and by neurological prion diseases.

  • Identifying and validating diagnostic and therapeutic targets in neurological diseases.
  • Treating neurological prion diseases.
  • Studying and treating nervous system tumours.
  • Creating and applying new drugs.
  • Cell and gene therapy.
  • Studying cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in neurological diseases.
  • Nanomedicine applied to Neuroscience
  • Promoting and developing clinical trials in early stages.
  • Developing clinical practice guidelines on neurological diseases.

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