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Scientific-Technical Coordination

The purpose of the Scientific and Technical Coordination is to enhance, manage, analyze and promote IDIS’s indicators and activities; to boost its strategic plan; to offer institutional support to researchers; and to adapt the institute’s management to the criteria of the ISCIII’s health research institute accreditation system.

It serves as a connecting link between researchers and the Scientific Management department, and the governing bodies and advisory committees of the Institute are coordinated from here, and it also acts as a representative before other research institutes and before ISCIII.

IDIS’s intramural subsidy calls and the incorporation, registration and control of the members and groups of the institute are managed and processed from here. It provides support in the organization of training and outreach activities carried out in the Institute, as well as the reception of visiting researchers. In addition to this, it manages the administrative organization of the IDIS’s Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee and Authorized Body.

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