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Epigenomics Unit

Ana B. Crujeiras / Angel Díaz-Lagares

Epigenomics helps solve multiple biological processes related to the development of diseases and it is extremely useful in the field of personalized medicine. The Epigenomics Unit, created as a result of a collaboration between the Endocrinology and Nutrition area and the Oncology area of IDIS and of a partnership between FIDIS and the CIBER Obesity and Nutrition Physiopathology (CIBERobn), has the purpose of providing assistance and support to research groups and to the industry at a national and international level for the performing of epigenomic studies, at a specific gene level or at an epigenome level.

This unit also has its own research lines, with a translational focus on epigenomics of endocrine diseases and nutrition, directed by Dr. Ana B. Crujeiras, and on cancer epigenomics, directed by Dr. Ángel Díaz-Lagares.

Technology applications

The epigenetic studies carried out in the Epigenomics Unit will add value to any preclinical or clinical projects which intend to study the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of different kinds of diseases. These studies can be carried out on a small scale, in order to study epigenetic marks in individual genes or gene panels, or on a large scale, carrying out a more extensive analysis of the epigenome. These analysis performed in the Epigenomics Unit will help identify or assess epigenetic marks with clinical usefulness both in cell samples and frozen tissues or in paraffin, and in liquid biopsy of different biological fluids. Thus, the results obtained will be very useful in the field of pharmacoepigenomics, of nutriepigenomics and of personalized medicine.


Our Epigenomics Unit provides support and assistance in different stages of the epigenomic study:

  • Advice and assistance in the design of the study.
  • Collection and processing of biological samples.
  • Application of different types of epigenetics and/or epigenomics methodologies.
  • Analysis, interpretation and delivery of results.

In order to carry out of this kind of studies we offer the latest technology in the field:

  • NextSeq500 equipment (Illumina) for massive sequencing (NGS)
  • HiScan (Illumina) microarray system
  • PyroMark Q24 pyrosequencer (Qiagen)
  • Real-time PCR StepOne system (Applied Biosystems)
  • PCR ProFlex system (Applied Biosystems)

In addition to our own equipment, we have other equipment available at our institution (IDIS), as well as access to the digital PCR QX200 (Bio-Rad) system of IDIS’s Liquid Biopsy Analysis Unit.

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