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Flow Cytometry

Pablo Hervella Lorenzo

The cytometry and sorting platform of the Health Research Institute (IDIS) of Santiago de Compostela is a unique scientific and technological infrastructure which serves all the research groups belonging to IDIS, as well as the Galician universities and the regional biotechnological sector.

Flow cytometry is a cell analysis technique used to measure light scattering and fluorescence characteristics of cells when they cross a beam of light. The main purposes of this platform are the following:

  • Advising IDIS’s users on the principles and applications of flow cytometry analysis and cell classification.
  • Developing, optimizing and carrying out new analytic applications requested by researchers and users.
  • Carrying out cell isolation processes by cell classification.
  • Quantifying different soluble cytokines using multiplex tests.


The FACSAria IIu cytometry-sorting platform allows you to analyze up to 9 particle parameters between 0.5 and 100 µm, at a maximum speed of 70,000 events per second. This is used to identify different cell populations in the same sample, determine the presence of molecular markers, measure the amount of each of these markers, quantify total population and subpopulation cells, and it also used to identify microparticles such as microvesicles and even nanoparticles. In addition to this, the sorting function makes possible the physical separation of populations depending on these 9 parameters, thus obtaining purified cells or clones for cell culture, proteomic/gene expression studies or cell therapy.

The Unit is also equipped with laminar flow cabinets, incubators, centrifuges, fluorescence and confocal microscopy, which allows users to carry out most of their experiments in the Unit, thus avoiding sorting cell viability problems.

The characteristics of this platform make it the perfect tool for collecting a great amount of information in numerous scientific fields, including molecular and cell biology, pathology, immunology, inflammation, genetics, oncology, haematology, cardiology, and neuroscience.

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