Research Methodology

The Department of Research Methodology’s main purpose is to work on the most relevant aspects of methodology design and of statistical analysis bases in order to foster excellence in the field of biomedical research. Its purpose is to provide research trials with the necessary tools to successfully develop clinical and epidemiological research projects. The unit’s activity is focused on the correct formulation of a clinical question, on the selection of the most appropriate design, on the analysis and interpretation of results and on the dissemination of results. In addition to this, it ensures that the trials are carried out within the current ethical and legal framework. It also offers training resources in order for the personnel to become familiar with different research aspects such as methodology and statistics or bioethics and regulations.

Researcher support and services to companies

  • Assessment of the viability of an independent research project.
  • Participation: (i) Creation of work groups for conducting clinical research trials. (ii) The unit participates by collaborating in: the design of the trial, the adequacy of the clinical question to the objectives, the calculation of the sample size, the statistical analysis plan and the compliance with the current ethical and legal regulations. (iii) Contact with CEIC, AEMPS and other centres to obtain the necessary permits before the starting of the trial. (iv) Participation in the statistical stage: in the design of databases and in the obtaining of results using advanced statistical methods. (v) Participation in the dissemination of research results, in the writing of papers, in the reviewing of drafts, as well as in responding to galley proofs.
  • Consulting services: Methodological and statistical advice to address specific issues which may arise in any of the stages of a research study.
  • Training: Possibility of teaching training courses related to biomedical research: methodology, statistics, regulations, bioethics.


Ana Estany Gestal
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