Training Commission


The IDIS Training Commission is the structure in charge of planning the IDIS training strategy and has the support of the IDIS Scientific-Technical Coordination for the development of this task. The Governing Council is in charge of ultimately approving the institute’s plans and their modifications. The IDIS Scientific Directorate is responsible for submitting the Training Plan and its improvement proposals to this body, advised by the Internal Scientific Committee and the External Scientific Committee.


President: Manuel Collado Rodríguez, leader of the group E028


  • Anxo Vidal Figueroa, leader of the group E018
  • María del Carmen Rivas Vázquez, leader of the group E033
  • Francisco Gude Sampedro, coordinator of Platforms and Methodology area , leader of the group C017
  • Jorge Barbazán García, member of the group C030
  • Cristina Fernández Pérez, Preventive Medicine and Public Health Service of the University Hospital Complex of Santiago de Compostela
  • Sonia Eiras Penas, leader of the group E045
  • Anxo Fernández Ferreiro, member of the group E034
  • Ana Estany Gestal, Responsible of the Research Methodology Department of IDIS Foundation
  • Ana Igea Fernández, Manager of Project Department of IDIS Foundation

Secretary: José Ramón Castro Ruibal. IDIS Research Manager