Human Resources

The FIDIS Human Resources department is responsible for people management at the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela. One of our objectives is to support researchers in the selection and training of their research and technical personnel, and to provide the necessary means so that they can carry out their work in the best occupational safety conditions.

We can help you in these tasks:

  • Organization and planning of the personnel of your research group, preventing the needs of personnel in the medium and long term, adapting to our remuneration systems, among other tasks.
  • Recruitment and selection: we help you attract competent candidates for a job opportunity that you may have in your research group, and to carry out the application and selection management process.
  • Welcome back staff. We provide the necessary means so that new personnel can start their work activity (requests for access to computer systems, laboratory work clothes, etc.).
  • Labor management. We manage all the procedures related to labor recruitment (hiring, leave, benefits, payroll and social security, risk prevention,…) and the granting of research grants from the Foundation.
  • Training: the training of workers allows company personnel to adapt to changes that occur in society, as well as technological advances. In addition to adaptability to changes, the company must provide training for the specific task that must be carried out within the company based on its objectives and plans.


Tania González Fernández +34 981 955 344 (ext: 255 344)

Rut Pestonit Freire +34 981 955 082 (ext: 255 082)

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