Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources at FIDIS is responsible for managing the personnel belonging to the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria (Health Research Institute) of Santiago de Compostela. Our purposes include providing support to researchers for the selection and training of their research and technical personnel, and providing the necessary means in order for them to carry out their work under the best safety conditions.

We can help you:

  • Organize and plan the personnel for your research group anticipating their needs in the medium and long term, adapting to our payment systems, among other tasks.
  • Recruitment and selection: we help you attract qualified candidates for any job opportunity you may have available in your research group, and we help you carry out the applicant management process and the selection process.
  • Welcome new staff. We offer you the resources necessary to ensure that the new staff can start working (requests for access to computer systems, laboratory work wear, etc).
  • Labour management. We manage all procedures related to the recruitment process (hiring, sick leaves, benefits, salaries and social insurance, risk prevention…) and the awarding of research grants from the Foundation.
  • Training: employee training allows the company staff to adapt and respond to changes in society, as well as to new technological developments. In addition to this adaptability to changes, the company must provide training for the specific task which shall be performed depending on the company’s goals and plans.


Tania González Fernández (Responsable)
+34 981 955 344 (ext: 255 344)

Rut Pestonit Freire
+34 981 955 082 (ext: 255 082)

Job Opportunities

FIDIS is currently reviewing its policies and practices for the management and promotion of research careers in order to be eligible for the European Human Resources Excellence in Research (HRS4R) award.

This award recognizes the institutions which seek to improve the working conditions of their research personnel regarding their selection, recruitment and career development, among other aspects, in accordance with the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

HRS4R is a tool intended for helping organizations improve the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the actions which must be carried out in order to offer an attractive and supporting environment to attract and keep the best research talent.

Some renowned research centres have already been granted this award. FIDIS has already adhered to the Charter & Code and has notified its commitment to the European Commission. It is currently in the process of implementation, performing the GAP Analysis and preparing the Action Plan with the purpose of submitting them for evaluation before the end of 2019.