Research internships

Among the objectives and functions of IDIS is teaching as one of its main pillars, developing active training and support policies for young researchers, as well as attracting and retaining talent. Close collaboration between basic and clinical staff creates the best environment for transferring research knowledge aimed at applying results to people’s health.

The IDIS has a Training Plan that aims to promote translational and excellence research among its scientific areas, as well as enhance translation and transfer capacity, in order to improve the quality of care. In the same way, it intends to collaborate in increasing the critical research mass in the health sector.

One of the entities that are part of IDIS is the University of Santiago de Compostela, which has its own teaching structure that enables it to provide official undergraduate and postgraduate university training, as well as training courses in the biosanitary field. Thus, it includes in its teaching program, studies related to health that provide advanced training in research techniques in disciplines such as medicine, drug development, nanomedicine, veterinary health, dental sciences, food safety and technology, sciences forensics, vision sciences. With 15 doctoral programs and 12 master’s degrees in the area of ​​health sciences, covering studies related to health, both in its research dimension and clinical care in its various specialties.

The IDIS intends that our research and teaching continue to generate knowledge and develop as a relevant asset and benchmark for our society and for the health system in particular. Along these lines, it intends to maintain its leadership position when it comes to attracting talent and training excellent research staff capable of successfully leading the biomedical research challenges of the future.

The Institute offers the possibility of developing internships and business practices to students who want to have a professional contact in the field of biomedical research, giving students the opportunity to develop their knowledge in a reference research center to complete their training. . IDIS has collaboration agreements signed with different educational centers to formalize the temporary incorporation of this staff.

In recent years, our research groups have been welcoming students to train in the field of health research, allowing them to deepen their knowledge of the main pathologies, having access to the most advanced technology, in order to find solutions to health problems.

I want to carry out internships or stays at IDIS

You can consult the directory of groups in the Research Groups section on our website and contact the responsible researchers to request availability to carry out a training activity.

If you already have a research group in which to carry out your training, check with your study center or entity to start the necessary steps.

In the case of academic internships, it is necessary to formalize a collaboration agreement between the study center and IDIS, in the event that there is no previous one, and prove that the student has accident and civil liability insurance in the time your subscription.

If you are interested in doing the academic internship, you can contact IDIS through the following mailbox.

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