Clinical Research

Clinical research is a fundamental section of the research activity of any institution that conducts biomedical research and one of the main focus of research activity at IDIS.

IDIS offers support for the launch and processing of the required documentation to perform commercial and independent clinical studies.

Evolution of new clinical study contract:

2018 2019 2020 2021
Trials 83 86 85 115
Studies 120 145 171 150
TOTAL 203 231 256 265

Clinical Trials Department

The Clinical Trials Department of IDIS Foundation deals with the required processing to start clinical studies in the centers in its field of action, among other tasks:


  • Contract management
  • Economic monitoring and billing
  • Applications/submissions to Healthcare authorities
  • Budget request to CROs and issue of civil liability insurances.

In general, all studies carried out in the field of biomedical research involving human beings, their samples or their personal data must be submitted for consideration by an accredited Research Ethics Committee.


Spaces for Clinical Research

The IDIS has the following rooms available to researchers:

  • Clinical Trials unit in early phasesUnidad de ensayos clínicos en fases tempranas
  • Monitoring room
  • Archive for clinical trials documentation.

Independent Clinical Research Platform

The platform for independent Clinical research of ISCIII promotes the development of academic clinical studies, especially those funded by ISCIII. The contact of the Platform in IDIS is