Quality Commission


Given the organization of the work and, in order to facilitate the deployment of the Quality and Improvement Plan and the implementation throughout the organization of the designed quality management system, the institute has a Quality Commission. The mission of the Quality Commission is to plan and coordinate the activities carried out within the framework of the Institute.

Corresponds to the Quality Commission:

  • Verify compliance with the Quality Plan.
  • Propose initiatives to improve quality.
  • Propose methods and instruments for quality assessment.
  • Collaborate in the design, execution and monitoring of evaluation activities.
  • Inform the governing bodies of the institute of the processes and results of the quality assessment.
  • Write the annual report of the Quality Plan.

President: Miriam Cebey López. Department of Transfer and Innovation of IDIS Foundation


• Mabel Sampedro Parada, Department of Transfer and Innovation of IDIS Foundation
• Mª Mar Lale Candal, Department of Quality,  University Clinical Hospital of Santiago de Compostela
• Isabel Lista García, Director of IDIS Foundation

Secretary: Iria M. Louzao Pernas. IDIS Research Manager