Innovation and Transfer Commission


The Institute has recently created the Innovation and Transfer Commission in order to improve and optimise the transfer of new knowledge in health to society and facilitate the application of innovative tools and solutions for the benefit of people. The mission of the Innovation and Transfer Commission is to plan and coordinate the activities carried out within the framework of the Institute. Principal functions:

  • Identify opportunities in innovation and knowledge transfer from the scientific activity carried out at the Institute
  • Analyze the needs of researchers in terms of innovation and transfer
  • Support intellectual protection and the creation of new companies
  • Promote an innovative culture at the Institute



President: Anxo Fernández Ferreiro. Juan Rodés researcher. Pharmacy service


  • Luis León Mateos. Researcher of the Oncology area
  • Cristina Fernández Pérez, Preventive Medicine and Public Health Service
  • María de la Fuente Freire. Miguel Servet researcher. Oncology area
  • Moisés Rodríguez Mañero. Researcher of Cardiovascular area
  • José Brea Floriani. Researcher at CiMUS. Project evaluator, national innovation commission
  • Adrián Mosquera Orgeira. Hematology researcher
  • Mabel Sampedro Parada. Head of transfer and innovation IDIS

Secretaría: José Ramón Castro Ruibal. IDIS research manager