Transfer and Innovation

Applying the results of biomedical research to society is one of our main purposes. We cooperate with members of the technology, food and pharmaceutical fields so that the knowledge, results and tools created by our researchers may be used for the benefit of the health and wellbeing of our society.
 We ensure that our research findings are applied to society, and we also contribute towards increasing the hospital’s competitiveness, working along with researchers and collaborating companies which wish to improve their portfolio with innovative products.  

Researcher Support Services

  • We help you protect your work by defining your intellectual property protection strategy.
  • Preparation of confidential disclosure agreements (CDA), research collaboration agreements (RCA), material transfer agreements (MTA).
  • Search of public grants or private financing for the subsequent development of technology which may increase its value.
  • Search of stakeholders who may be interested in the technology developed by researchers for its licensing or maturing.
  • Creation of spin-offs.
  • Training in innovation methodologies and in methodologies for the promotion of creativity.
  • Analyses of processes and improvement of work flow by means of Lean methodologies.

Services to businesses

  • Signing of agreements with companies or other entities in order to continue the development of the products created by our researchers and get them into the marketplace.
  • By collaborating with partners, we make good use of our existing resources and capacities, providing experience to improve our competitiveness.
  • Financial assessment and search of projects or calls to develop an innovation strategy in companies by further developing those technologies developed by our researchers.

A company wants to access intellectual property (IP) that already exists or is being created

Licensing agreement with the owner of the IP (exceptional IP assignment)

A company wants to commission research at a research institute

Contract research


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