At the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela Foundation (FIDIS) we have a working group made up of research and management personnel who collaborate to establish and design ways of disseminating science with society. From FIDIS we participate in outreach programs, we receive visits from schoolchildren at the Institute and we develop our own activities.

Dissemination activities


Organization of guided tours, talks and other outreach activities for educational centres.

O mundo do IDIS

IDIS club with outreach content that promotes scientific culture, interest in technology, research and innovation.

Media content

Downloadable material

I want to know more

To express your interest in participating in the activities promoted by the dissemination team or if you want to know more about them, send us a message with your email at the following link. If you are a group or educational center, write to us proposing dates in which you are interested in participating in the activities, along with the number and age of the students. We coordinate agendas and we will contact you.

New Field


Contact us at divulgacion@idisantiago.es, on the phone (+34) 981 955 684 (ext. 255 684) or (+34) 981 951 196 (ext. 251 196) or on the social networks of O mundo do IDIS.