AC05 – Pneumology

Objectives and lines of research


The main research objectives of our group are focused on 3 diseases, especially relevant for different aspects.
Diseases of the pleura are of clinical relevance due to their incidence and because they frequently present diagnostic difficulties. In this sense, we try to identify new markers that allow us to optimize the diagnosis of these diseases, and at the same time generate diagnostic algorithms that can be useful in clinical practice.
Asthma is a highly prevalent disease that affects all ages, being the most common chronic disease in childhood. In this pathology we maintain several lines of research.
On the one hand, in collaboration with primary care paediatricians and the María José Jove Foundation, we have been carrying out various epidemiological studies to find out the prevalence of the disease in our community and identify possible risk factors.
On the other hand, in collaboration with other IDIS groups, an attempt is being made to identify some genetic variants, their relationship with environmental factors and biomarkers, which may condition different clinical expression of the disease in our community.
Thirdly, we intend to analyze the health care situation of the disease in our adult asthmatic population, costs generated and factors that may condition higher costs and worse prognosis in our patients.
Finally, we maintain a clinical-epidemiological line in lung cancer, of special relevance because it is the first cause of cancer mortality in men, and the third in women; in addition to the psychological impact that it generates both in patients and in their families. In relation to this disease, our main objectives are to analyze the forms of clinical presentation and evaluate the diagnostic-therapeutic management of the disease, with the aim of identifying possible areas for improvement.


Research team


Valdés Cuadrado, Luis Guillermo


Researchers (established or associate)

Ferreiro Fernández, Lucía
Golpe Gómez, Antonio

Postdoctoral staff

Álvarez Dobaño, José Manuel
Rodríguez García, Carlota
Sanjosé Capilla, María Esther
Suárez Antelo, Juan Luis

Lead researcher

Luis Guillermo Valdés Cuadrado

Luis Guillermo Valdés Cuadrado