Objectives and lines of research


Our scientific research concerns the use of nanotechnologies for the development of innovative drug/antigen delivery systems. Our main objective is the design and development of new nanostructured materials intended for the transport of drugs and antigens across biological barriers and delivering them to the target tissue. Within this broad area, our main competence concerns the association of delicate molecules, including peptides, siRNA, antigens to these nanocarriers. Much of this research has been defined to have a special impact on the development of the nations of the world.

Lines of research

  • Creating new approaches for drug delivery of proteins, antigens and genes across complex barriers in the body, such as the nasal, ocular and intestinal barriers
  • Design and development of new nanovehicles for antigen delivery and investigation of their adjuvant properties (nanovaccines)
  • Design and development of new multi-target therapies consisting of multifunctional nanocarriers containing small group drugs and siRNA
  • Investigation of the interaction mechanism of nanostructured materials with the biological environment


Research team
Alonso Fernández, María José
Abbadessa, Anna
Anthiya, Shubaash
Berrecoso Cuña, Germán
Castro López, Vanessa
Crecente Campo, José
Csaba, Noemí
Cuesta Regueiro, Belén
Domínguez Ríos, Purificación
Fernández Mariño, Yago
Fernández Martínez, Balbina
Fernández Varela, Carmen
García Fuentes, Marcos
Gómez Dacoba, Tamara
López Estévez, Ana
Olivera Fernández, Ana
Pereira Afonso, Andreia Catarina
Piñeiro Alonso, Laura
Quattrini, Federico
Rubio Prego, Inés
Sanjurjo Bouza, Lucía
Teijeiro Osorio, Desirée
Torres López, Dolores

Lead researcher

María José Alonso Fernández

María José Alonso Fernández