C031 – Molecular Metabolism

Objectives and lines of research


The objectives of the Molecular Metabolism group are to clarify the molecular mechanisms by which the central nervous system controls the peripheral metabolism of adipose tissue and the liver. Specifically, we will try to find out which hypothalamic nuclei are capable of regulating each tissue, and how different important hormones for energy homeostasis act on those nuclei.

Research team

Nogueiras Pozo, Rubén

Postdoctoral staff
González Rellán, María Jesús
Heras Domínguez, Violeta
Iglesias García, Cristina
Porteiro Couto, Begoña

Predoctoral staff
Da Silva Lima, Natalia
Fernández Paz, Uxía
Novoa Deaño, Eva María

Lead researcher

Rubén Nogueiras Pozo

Rubén Nogueiras Pozo