C040 – Medical-Surgical Dentistry (OMEQUI)

Objetivos y líneas de investigación


Clinical and translational research in the field of medical-surgical dentistry. The target procedures are periodontics and implantology, mainly in relation to medically compromised patients and people with disabilities.

Lines of research

  • Dentistry in patients with special needs
  • Peri-implantitis
  • Relationship between oral infections and systemic diseases
  • Tissue regeneration in periodontics
Research team

Pedro Diz Dios

Researchers (established or associate)
Limeres Posse, Jacobo


Postdoctoral staff
Abeleira Pazos, María Teresa

Batalla Vázquez, Pilar
Blanco Carrión, Juan
Diniz Freitas, Marcio
Fernández Feijóo, Javier
García-Caballero Pérez, Lucía
Liñares González, Antonio
Ramos Barbosa, Isabel

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