E036 – Stem Cells and Human Diseases

Objectives and lines of research


The Stem Cells and Human Diseases group has the main objective of contributing to a better understanding of the impact of epigenetic regulation on the transcriptional control of the mammalian genome that governs decisions about the fate of cells during embryonic development and human diseases. . Our most ambitious goal is to develop novel therapeutic strategies for age-related disorders, obesity, and rare diseases. To do this, we use a wide variety of methods in molecular biology, genomic and proteomic approaches, genome editing, and bioinformatics analysis.

Lines of research

The main lines of research in progress of the group are:
1) Modeling of diseases using iPSC technology
2) Discovery of molecular programs involved in cell reprogramming and pluripotency
3) Impact of aging and obesity on epigenetic mechanisms
4) New cell rejuvenation strategies


Research team
Fidalgo Pérez, Miguel Ángel


Postdoctoral staff
Pardavila Paz, José Ángel

Predoctoral staff
Ameneiro Quiñoy, Cristina
Escudero Pérez, Adriana
Fuentes Iglesias, Alejandro
García Outeiral, Vera

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  • Guallar D, Fuentes-Iglesias A, Souto Y, Ameneiro C, Freire-Agulleiro O, Pardavila JA, Escudero A, Garcia-Outeiral V, Moreira T, Saenz C, Xiong H, Liu D, Xiao S, Hou Y, Wu K, Torrecilla D, Hartner JC, Blanco MG, Lee LJ, López M, Walkley CR, Wang J, Fidalgo M. ADAR1-Dependent RNA Editing Promotes MET and iPSC Reprogramming by Alleviating ER Stress. Cell Stem Cell. 2020 Aug 6;27(2):300-314.e11. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2020.04.016
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