E039 – Diabesity

Objectives and lines of research


My group focuses on the term “Diabesity” (new term for the study of Diabetes and Obesity) is a cutting-edge approach to investigate glucose homeostasis. In general, we are trying to discover new mechanisms at the central level involved in the physiological control of circulating glucose levels and the adaptation of different tissues in response to alterations in energy balance and aging.

Lines of research

  • Regulation of p107 in energy homeostasis.
  • Hypothalamic control of Ghrelin, UAG and new peptides in glucose homeostasis and hepatic and adipose metabolism.
  • Effect of Sirt3/1 on energy metabolism and thermogenesis related to obesity and aging.
Research team
Tovar Carro, Sulay

Postdoctoral staff
Cuñarro Gómez, Juan
Lugilde Valín, Javier

Predoctoral staff
De Oliveira Diz, Tadeu