E056 – Metabolic homeostasis and vascular calcification

Objectives and lines of research


Vascular calcification, the pathological calcification of cardiovascular structures, is one of the most important factors determining patients’ mortality around the world. Although different mechanisms on pathogenesis of vascular calcification have been proposed, our understanding of the calcification pathogenesis is far from complete. However, in recent years, some risk factors are emerging, including elevated serum phosphorus and defective synthesis of pyrophosphate. In our laboratory, we are interested in the role of phosphate and pyrophosphate homeostasis in vascular calcification. Our laboratory aims to investigate the molecular mechanisms that control vascular calcification in the arterial wall in aging, chronic kidney disease, diabetes and accelerated aging (Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome). We will also interest in evaluating new markers and risk factors for vascular calcification, which should help in the design of new diagnostic methods and new therapeutic strategies against this devastating disease. Given that vascular calcification is a problem with a remarkably high health and socioeconomic impact on society, our research will improve the health

Lines of research

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  • Metabolic homeostasis and vascular calcification CONSOLIDACIÓN 2022 – PROXECTOS DE EXCELENCIA. XUNTA DE GALICIA

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  • Aging and vascular calcification: diagnosis, markers and treatment. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.


Research team

Villa Bellosta, Ricardo

Predoctoral staff
Flores Rico, Alicia
Lago Vallejo, Belinda María
Martínez Rodríguez, José Emilio


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