DIVERSA Biotechnologies has concluded its capital expansion with Sémola Tech Ventures SL, Volsunga SL, Janus Projects SL, and UNIRISCO.

24 April 2024

Santiago de Compostela, April 24, 2024.- DIVERSA Technologies SL, a company aiming to make an impact across the entire value chain in the field of biotechnology and nanomedicine, closed its capital expansion. Their focus is on driving the development of innovative drugs to address unmet medical needs. The capital infusion was made possible by UNIRISCO, Sémola Tech Ventures SL, Volsunga SL, and Janus Projects, SL. Founded on January 17, 2022, after over a decade of research in nanomedicine applied to healthcare, led by Dr. María de la Fuente, the company emerged as a biotechnological spin-off from the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria de Santiago de Compostela (IDIS) and the Servizo Galego de Saúde (SERGAS). Their mission is to impact the development of innovative therapies through the application of nanotechnology, ultimately enhancing people’s quality of life through precision medicine.

DIVERSA Technologies, a company born with the mission of enhancing people’s lives and boosting Galicia’s socio-economic fabric, achieves this by creating qualified employment and fostering a collaborative model with local and international research centers and businesses. DIVERSA boasts a patented platform of lipid-based nanosystems, designed for encapsulating and delivering various types of therapeutic molecules to their intended sites of action. These include messenger RNA (mRNA), proteins, therapeutic peptides, and even drugs with solubility challenges. The DIVERSA technology enhances the stability of these encapsulated molecules and helps them overcome biological barriers that might otherwise limit their therapeutic impact. Notably, DIVERSA’s nanosystems have demonstrated their potential across different indications. As a result of their investment in research, the company is making strides in the development of nanomedicines for oncology and rare pediatric diseases.

These advancements are possible thanks to DIVERSA’s collaborative model, which involves leading research centers and groups focused on these conditions. Additionally, DIVERSA makes its technology available to third parties in pursuit of a “butterfly effect” that leads to the development of innovative nanomedicines for various indications. To achieve this, DIVERSA proposes establishing agreements with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that possess molecules with high therapeutic potential but require an effective formulation. The formulation is based on DIVERSA’s lipid-based nanosystems, enabling their practical application. Furthermore, DIVERSA offers this technology to researchers working in the early stages of drug development. This accessibility is made possible by selling the technology in a “packaged” format, which can be easily formulated with molecules of interest for testing in their study models. In this way, DIVERSA aims to make a significant impact across multiple avenues and contribute to therapeutic advancements for different diseases.

DIVERSA Technologies S.L. is much more than a biotechnology company. It is an entity committed to innovation, scientific excellence, and the well-being of people. Through its nanotechnology platform and focus on research, development, and commercialization of advanced therapies, the company aims to leave a lasting impact on the healthcare industry and society at large.

DIVERSA Technologies S.L. not only prioritizes innovation and scientific excellence but also provides revolutionary and highly versatile technology. This technology is used to develop innovative medicines through its R&D efforts or collaborations with the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as research centers. Cutting-edge nanotechnology opens up new avenues for possibilities and business opportunities, adapting to the changing demands and therapeutic needs emerging in the healthcare field.

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