AC19 – Vascular Research Group of Santiago (VARGROS)

Objectives and lines of research


We carry out experimental studies and clinical trials in relation to topics of our specialty.

Lines of research

  • Clinical trials with endovascular prostheses and new mechanical thrombectomy systems
  • Clinical trials of angiogenesis and/or cell therapy
  • Experimental studies to demonstrate the usefulness of PET/SPECT in lower limb ischemia or vascular prosthesis infection
  • Development of 3D printing and simulation for training vascular surgeons
  • 3D bioprinting for the development of smart deposits
  • Nanotechnology applied to the development of smart stents
Research team


Diego Caicedo Valdés

Researchers (established or associate)

Nilo Mosquera Arochena

Postdoctoral researchers

Eva María Allo Iglesias

Nancy Marisela Coraizaca Chicaiza

Patricia González Martínez

Fátima Mato García

Alba Méndez Fernández

Verónica Mesías Hombre

José Armando Rodriguez Cheda

Cristina Serrallé Mallo

Isabel Serramito Veiga

Oskarina Lourdes Silva González

María Elena Torres Fernández de Sanmamed

Virginia Varela Riva

Patricia Vázquez Río

Javier Villaverde Rodríguez

Eva María Zas Rouco


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