E065 – Translational Research in Neurological Diseases (ITEN)

Objectives and lines of research


1.- Describe the ideal therapeutic targets in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease
2.- Describe the response and evolution of patients treated with HIFU
3.- Develop therapeutic guidelines in patients with movement disorders of different etiologies

Lines of research

  • New therapies in movement disorders.
  • New therapeutic targets in movement disorder surgery
  • Involvement of the blood-brain barrier in autoimmune diseases of the nervous system
  • Therapy in autoimmune diseases of the nervous system
  • Follow-up and new therapies in refractory epilepsy
  • Role of glia in the etiopathogenesis and pathophysiology of neurodegeneration
Research team
Prieto González, José María


Agís Balboa, Roberto Carlos
Ares Pensado, Begoña
Campos Toimil, Manuel
Fernández Ceballos, María de los Ángeles
Fernández Pajarín, Gustavo
Figueroa Rodríguez, Jesús
Jiménez Martín, Isabel
López González, Francisco Javier
Prieto González, Ángel
Señarís Rodríguez, María Rosa
Sésar Ignacio, Ángel
Viña Castelao, María Dolores





Lead researcher