C006 – Molecular Endocrinology

Objectives and lines of research


Our research group addresses obesity as a general topic, with the aim of determining the mechanisms that originate it and perpetuate it over time, associated alterations such as diabetes and cancer, as well as possible future therapies. For this, different methodological approaches are carried out, such as: population monitoring studies, translational, molecular and cellular endocrinology.
Adipose tissue, as a key tissue where obesity originates, focuses many of the group’s lines of work, fundamentally on understanding the processes that make it a pathological tissue and why it has repercussions at a systemic level, which would make it possible to find new therapeutic approaches.
On the other hand, new lines of work have been opened regarding the recently discovered hormone: irisin, which could open a new path in understanding obesity.
Among our lines of work is: Biology of adipose tissue. Interactions between different anatomical regions, obesity and cancer, leptin and anorexia, immunization against obesogenic agents, nanotechnology applied to obesity and regulation of irisin expression and secretion.


Research team
Casanueva Freijo, Felipe


Research Staff (established or associated)
Andújar Plata, Paula
Cantón Blanco, Ana
Couselo Carreira, Marcos
Martínez Olmos, Miguel Ángel
Peinó García, Roberto

Predoctoral Researchers
Castro Pais, Ana
Díaz Trastoy, Olaia
Martís Sueiro, Aurelio Manuel


Technical Support Staff
Duyos Mato, Davia
Iglesias Moares, Jesús
Rendo Caneda, Maribel
Román Eyo, Andrea Paola

Lead researcher

Felipe Casanueva Freijo

Felipe Casanueva Freijo