C017 – Research methodology

Objectives and lines of research


Interdisciplinary research group of the Institute that addresses the challenges caused by the increase in chronic diseases by applying new techniques to reduce the risk of disease.

The main objective of the group is to generate valid knowledge for the whole of the National Health System. The group’s mission is to stimulate and support the development and application of knowledge to improve the health of citizens by integrating three areas of research: diagnostic tests, clinical studies and research methods.

Lines of research

1. Carrying out observational and experimental studies that address chronic-prevalent diseases both from a population context and from patient care, and whose anchor point is Primary Health Care.
2. Development and implementation of new diagnostic tools related to inflammation and glycation parameters in chronic-prevalent diseases (alcoholism, obesity, diabetes, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, allergy, cancer, among others).
3. Development of innovative procedures and methodologies that promote the management, analysis and presentation of research results in accordance with the new times.


Research team
Gude Sampedro, Francisco


Alonso Sampedro, Manuela
Barrera López, Lucía
Benítez Estévez, Alfonso Javier
Calvo Malvar, María del Mar
Carballo Fernández, Iago
Estany Gestal, Ana
Fernández Merino, María del Carmen
García-Ciudad Young, Vanesa
González Quintela, Arturo
Lado Baleato, Óscar
López González, Sofía
Marco Rodríguez, Alejandra
Martín Ventoso, Carlota
Molares Vila, Alberto
Otero Antón, Esteban
Pazos Couselo, Marcos
Pérez Suárez, Luis Fernando
Pose Arufe, Alberto
Sánchez Castro, Juan José
Tomé Martínez de Rituerto, Santiago
Vázquez Agra, Néstor
Vidal Pan, Carmen
Zamarrón Sanz, Carlos





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  • Calvo-Malvar M, Benítez-Estévez AJ, Sánchez-Castro J, Leis R, Gude F. Effects of a Community-Based Behavioral Intervention with a Traditional Atlantic Diet on Cardiometabolic Risk Markers: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial (“The GALIAT Study”). Nutrients. 2021 Apr 7;13(4):1211. doi: 10.3390/nu13041211.
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