C022 – Paediatric Nutrition

Objectives and lines of research


  • Assessment of the nutritional status of children and adolescents and its relationship with the risk of diseases in the short, medium and long term
  • Study of risk factors for child and adolescent overweight and obesity, critical periods of development, prevention and intervention
  • Study of the most prevalent nutritional pathologies and nutritional treatment in children with special needs
  • Study of the intestinal microbiota and its relationship with the increased risk of disease, as well as the use of probiotics and prebiotics for prevention and treatment

Lines of research

  • The study of nutrition, growth and body composition
  • The study of obesity in the pediatric age: risk factors, comorbidities (metabolic syndrome) and prevention and treatment
  • The study of nutrition and changes in the metabolism of carbohydrates. Molecular diagnosis of adult-type lactose malabsorption
  • The study of vitamin D and bone mineralization and metabolic risk in the pediatric age
  • The study of the intestinal microbiota: its role in the health and use of probiotics and prebiotics in the pediatric age
  • Cognitive-behavioral techniques and information, knowledge and communication technologies (ICTs) applied to nutritional education and healthy lifestyles
  • Atlantic Diet in the prevention of the disease from the child to the elderly
Research team

Leis Trabazo, Rosaura

Researchers (established or associate)
Martinón Torres, Nazareth 


Postdoctoral staff
Bautista Casasnovas, Adolfo
Carreira Sande, Nathalie
Crujeiras Martínez, Vanesa
García García, Eva
Méndez Bustelo, María José
Méndez Gallart, Roberto
Pérez Ferreirós, Alexandra
Saborido Riaño, Rebeca

Predoctoral staff
López Rubio, Alicia

Technical support staff
Vázquez Cobela, Rocío

External collaborators
Rodicio García, María de las Mercedes


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