AC25 – Radiology

Objectives and lines of research


Investigate new techniques, algorithms and radiological imaging protocols that allow opening paths towards the improvement of the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. For this we use the images of patients with vascular diseases (to perform automatic segmentation of the aorta, for example), cardiac (to perform automatic ventricular segmentation, for example) and patients with lung cancer (to perform automatic detection and monitoring of the themselves). We focus on the analysis of computed tomography and magnetic resonance images, fundamentally. We also investigate the development of animal experimentation models applied to cardiac magnetic resonance studies. The objectives are novel and entail an important methodological development.

Lines of research

  • Computer-aided diagnosis applied to computed tomography image diagnosis of aortic pathologies and lung cancer
  • Radiomics
  • Evaluation of the radiological dose in CT in cancer patients
  • Cardiac MRI studies in small animals. Development of animal experimentation models


Equipo investigador
Souto Bayarri, Miguel


Researchers (established or associate)
Carreira Villamor, José Martín


Postdoctoral staff
García Tahoces, Pablo
Macía Suárez, David
Suárez Cuenca, Jorge Juan
Varela Ponte, Rafael