Objectives and lines of research


The BioFarma research group has a proven track record in applied research for early drug discovery in collaboration with the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. BioFarma is involved in the open innovation models that have been implemented in the pharmaceutical sector in recent years and have allowed a significant increase in public-private collaboration.
BioFarma is one of the High Capacity Screening Centers of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium ERIC EU-OPENSCREEN (European Infrastructure of Open Screening Platforms for Chemical Biology). It has a human group of more than 30 professionals that includes doctors in pharmacy, medicine, biology and chemistry, as well as pharmacists, chemists and biologists, laboratory technicians, etc. This human group has extensive experience in different aspects of assay development, assay miniaturization, design and execution of screening cascades, in vitro safety panels, ADME, etc. It is an international multidisciplinary team with experts in constant adaptation to new technologies, which allows great robustness in the results obtained.

Lines of research

  • G-Protein coupled receptors
  • Pharmacology in translational research.
  • Fine-tuning and miniaturization of techniques for High Throughtput Screening (HTS)


Research team
Loza García, María Isabel


Researchers (established or associate)
Castro Pérez, María de los Ángeles
Cadavid Torres, María Isabel

Postdoctoral staff
Ardao Palacios, Inés
Martínez Rodríguez, Antón Leandro
Moreira Álvarez, David
Val García, Cristina

Predoctoral staff
Barro Fernández, Mateo
Gómez García, Laura
Valle Arrojo, Jorge


Technical support staff
Barcia Feás, Antía Andrea
Blanco Babarro, Borja
Iglesias Fernández, María Isabel
Lestón Novoa, Óscar
Piña Márquez, Rocío
Ramos Caamaño, José Manuel
Santamaría Cadavid, Eduardo
Santamaría Pérez, José Manuel
Silva Vieira, Lucía
Solla Villaverde, Marta
Villar Rendo, María


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