C030 – Translational Medical Oncology


Objectives and lines of research


The Medical Oncology Service seeks to integrate care, research and teaching in the day-to-day work of all its members and in all its actions, present and future, with a collaborative vocation with other groups of IDIS, Sergas, the University and national and international with the ultimate mission of knowing and curing cancer. In research, clinical and translational research stands out. Currently we have 70 open clinical trials from phase I to phase IV, promoted by Pharmaceutical Companies, National and International Cooperative Groups and non-commercial research, in most tumor pathologies.

Lines of research

Translational research has as its main objective the metastasis process that aims to fully integrate research work into healthcare, and the ambitious commitment that research results feed the Clinical Trials Program and vice versa. The lines are:

  • Liquid biopsy with the characterization and clinical value of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) and other blood products
  • Invasion and metastasis: both the characterization of these mechanisms and their relationship with the biology of CTCs and the epithelial-mesenchymal transition are focused.
  • Epigenetics (mainly methylation) in brain and pancreatic tumors
  • New screening and modeling strategies in oncology: in close collaboration with the IDIS group led by Laura Sánchez, we are developing and applying the zebrafish animal model in oncology, both as a model for studying processes related to metastasis, and as a screening and application model
  • Nanotechnology applied in oncology: in 2013 we created the nano-oncology laboratory, where we integrate nanotechnology for the development of new therapeutic strategies and diagnostic agents (nanotheranostics). There is also close collaboration with the IDIS NANOBIOFAR group led by María José Alonso
Research team
López López, Rafael


Researchers (established or associate)
Díaz Lagares, Ángel
Muinelo Romay, Laura
Ruiz Bañobre, Juan
Suárez Cunqueiro, María Mercedes
Abal Posada, Miguel

Postdoctoral staff
Anido Herranz, Urbano
Barbazán García, Jorge
Candamio Folgar, Sonia María
Cebey López, Víctor
Cortegoso Mosquera, Alexandra
Costa Nogueira, Clotilde
Cueva Bañuelos, Juan Fernando
Curiel García, María Teresa
Dávila Ibáñez, Ana Belén
García González, Jorge José
León Mateos, Luis Ángel
Palacios Ozores, Patricia
Paredes Cotoré, Jesús Pedro
Piñeiro Cid, Roberto
Rapado González, Óscar
Rodríguez López, Carmen
Rodríguez Martínez, Ángeles
Rodríguez Pérez, Manuel
Suárez Dono, Francisco Javier
Varela Pose, Vanesa
Vázquez Rivera, María Francisca
Vidal Insua, Yolanda


Predoctoral staff
Arias Díaz, Andrea Estrella
Casas Arozamena, Carlos
Costa Fraga, Nicolás
Fernández Díaz, Natalia
Fernández Santiago, Cristóbal
Fernández Reino, Candela
Ferreiro Pantín, Miriam
Fuentes Losada, Mar
Freijido Álvarez, Pablo
González Conde, Miriam
González García, Nerea
López Landrove, Sonia
Piñeiro Pérez, Raquel
Pita López, Pablo
Rodríguez Casanova, Aitor
Rodríguez Ces, Ana María
Vieito Villar, María
Yáñez Gómez, Celso


Technical support staff
Abalo Piñeiro, Alicia
Abuín Redondo, Carmen
Betancor Rivero, Yoel Zacarías
Blanco Freire, Cristina
Duart Llacer, Patricia
García López, Gloria
García Martínez, Carolina
García Rubín, Silvia
González Fernández, Beatriz
González González, Samuel
Lago Lestón, Ramón Manuel
López Rodríguez, Rosa
Méndez Barrio, Estiban
Portos Conde, Iria
Rubal Otero, Lara
Torres Losada, Ana
Tuñas Pérez, Joel
Turégano Hernández, Alba

Personal Colaborador Externo
Alonso Alconada, Lorena
Cernadas Pazol, Aroa
Ferreirós López, Alba
Mondelo Macía, Patricia

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