C035 – R&D in Drugs Dose Forms and Delivery Systems

Objectives and lines of research


The objective of the group is to develop administration systems for active substances with advanced features for application in pharmacological therapy and regenerative medicine. In particular, the group designs and evaluates macro, micro and nano systems for the controlled delivery of drugs, personalized drugs by 3D printing, scaffolds for regenerative medicine, and drug-health product combination products (contact lenses, probes, catheters… medicated). It also develops materials with the ability to selectively capture substances with biomedical, analytical, and remediation fines. He has experience in design of experiments and artificial intelligence techniques. The group, recognized by the Xunta de Galicia as a competitive reference for its research activity, has various technologies of transversal interest such as supercritical fluids, 3D printing, electrospinning, surface treatment with plasma and equipment for material characterization.

Lines of research

  • Supramolecular gels for controlled release of active substances
  • Nanostructured crosslinked gels with recognition capacity (imprinted)
  • Aerogels for biomedical applications
  • Scaffolds for regenerative medicine
  • Medicated medical devices
  • 3D Custom Dosage Forms
  • Nanocarriers to overcome technological and physiological barriers
Research team

Concheiro Nine, Ángel

Researchers (established or associate)
Álvarez Lorenzo, Carmen
Díaz Gómez, Luis Antonio
Díaz Rodríguez, Patricia
García González, Carlos
Goyanes Goyanes, Álvaro
Landín Pérez, Mariana





Postdoctoral staff
Blanco Fernández, Bárbara
López Iglesias, Clara

Predoctoral staff
Carou Senra, Paola
Farto Vaamonde, Xián
González Prada, Iago
Kattar, Axel
Martínez Borrajo, Rebeca
Pereira da Mota, Ana Filipa
Rodríguez Pombo, Lucía
Touza Otero, Lara
Zarur Slebi, Mariana