C042 – Translational Stroke

Objectives and lines of research


Study and development of new therapeutic strategies in neuronal pathologies, mainly related to cerebral ischemia. Our perspective is to try that all the knowledge developed in the field of research has a translational application and that it has an impact on the benefit of the patient.

Lines of research

1. Neuroprotection against excitotoxic damage in cerebral ischemia and ALS.
2. Study of molecular mechanisms related to hypothermia in cerebral ischemia.
3. Development of nanostructures for the encapsulation and controlled release of drugs in ischemic brain pathology.
4. Use of cell technology based on the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) in monogenic diseases that cause stroke.
5. Analysis of biomarkers associated with diagnosis in cerebral stroke.

Research team
Campos Pérez, Francisco


Researchers (established or associate)
Arias Rivas, Susana
Rodríguez Yáñez, Manuel


Postdoctoral researchers
Correa Paz, Clara
López Arias, Esteban
Pardo Fernández, Julio
Pérez Mato, María
Prego Domínguez, Jesús
Santamaría Cadavid, María


Predoctoral researchers
Bugallo Casal, Ana Isabel
Candamo Lourido, María
Del Pozo Filíu, Lucía
Dopico López, Antonio
López Amoedo, Sonia
Palomar Alonso, Nuria
Pérez Mato, María

Technical staff
Pérez Gayol, Lara


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