José Ramón González Juanatey

Area Coordinator A006 - Cardiovascular. Lead Researcher of group C016 - Cardiology

Dr. José Ramón González Juanatey is Head of the Cardiology Service and CCU of the University Clinical Hospital and Professor of Cardiology at the University of Santiago de Compostela. In 2000, Dr. González Juanatey forms the cardioCHUS research group under the auspices of the Cardiology Service of the Santiago de Compostela University Hospital Complex. Author of more than 750 articles in top-level international scientific journals, citing more than 38,000. H-Index: 60 (source WoS). Co-founder of the spin-off FlowReserve and its associated patent. Awards: Ciril Rozman Award (2009), Galician of the Year Award (2010), Spanish Physician of the Year (2014), Avedis Donabedian Foundation Award (2015), Novoa Santos Award (2019), Best in Class Awards (2013-2020 ).