Olalla Maroñas Amigo

Lead researcher of group E061 - Pharmacogenomics and drug discovery (GenDeM)

Associate Researcher in Pharmacogenetics at Cegen – Galician Public Foundation for Genomic Medicine where she carries out healthcare tasks. Principal investigator in competitive translational projects in Pharmacogenetics in psychiatry (including addictions) and cardiology. Co-coordinator of the Pharmacogenetics Implementation Plan in Psychiatry (Plan Galego de Saúde Mental), which evaluates the benefits of pharmacogenetic tests in clinical practice and which was awarded the Clinical Innovation Award (SEPSM, XXV National Congress of Psychiatry) . Coordinator of Proficiency Testing in Pharmacogenetics that seeks to determine analytical quality and implement standards that harmonize the activity of laboratories working in Pharmacogenetics at the national level. Responsible for the Pharmacogenetics Unit aimed at providing services to researchers at a national and international level. He is part of the Pharmacogenetics Regulation Working Group (SEFF), AEGH and CIBERER.