C045 – Cellular senescence, cancer and aging

Objectives and lines of research


Our group investigates an essential process for human health and disease, cellular senescence. This program allows the cells to defend themselves against multiple attacks, ensuring that the damaged cells cannot continue dividing and promoting the secretion of multiple factors that activate the immune system and promote the remodeling and repair of the affected tissue. Its correct functioning allows tissue homeostasis to be maintained, but its increase and accumulation, for example, during aging, can result in a multitude of pathologies that we know as diseases associated with aging and, among them, cancer.
In addition, antitumor therapy often leaves tumor cells in a senescent state, which limits their effectiveness. We work to identify new antitumor treatments that allow us to eliminate these senescent tumor cells by specifically inducing their death, which will allow us to have more effective treatments.

Lines of research

  • Search for new senolytic compounds: We perform mass screening of compounds to find new molecules with specific cytotoxic activity of senescent cells
  • Identification of senescence markers in cancer after chemotherapy: We are looking for biomarkers that can inform us of the induced senescence state in cancer patients after chemotherapy
  • Study of the molecular processes that lead to the induction of senescence by chemotherapy in tumor cells: We try to understand how senescence occurs after chemotherapy in order to improve the process, derive the response towards death and avoid the mechanisms of resistance to therapy
  • Study of the effect of factors secreted by senescent tumor cells: We analyzed the paracrine effect of the induction of senescence in tumor cells to enhance its possible positive effect and avoid the negative consequences


Research team
Collado Rodríguez, Manuel

Researchers (established or associate)
del Pino González de la Higuera, Pablo Alfonso
Polo Tobajas, Ester

Postdoctoral staff
da Silva Álvarez, Sabela
Pedrosa Lado, Pablo

Predoctoral staff
Antelo Iglesias, Lucía
Lado Fernández, Patricia
Miranda Tolosa, Rocío
Núñez Quintela, Víctor
Picallos Rabina, María del Pilar

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