E047 – Cancer Genetics and Epidemiology Group

Objectives and lines of research


1. Implementation and development of genomic studies of cancer in Galicia:
– Breast cancer: BREast Oncology GAlicia Network (BREOGAN). This genetic-epidemiological study has exhaustive data and samples from more than 2,000 breast cancer patients and 2,000 controls. Includes: (i) Population-based study. (ii) Study to develop new risk/diagnostic markers. (iii) Study in males. (iv) Clinical trial of vitamin D and (v) Evaluation of the effect of the Microbiome on the etiology and response to standard oncological treatment of breast cancer.
– Colorectal cancer: GALicia COlon ONcology Study (GALEON). 500 patients and 1000 controls.
– Bladder cancer: Galicia Bladder Cancer Study (GBCS). 500 patients and 800 controls.
– Prostate cancer: PRostate Cancer Associations Genetics Galicia (PRAGGA). 700 patients and 1000 controls.

2. Inclusion in international genetic and genomic initiatives:
OncoArray global initiative, other GWAS, European Horizon 2020 B-CAST/BRIDGES projects, through which hundreds of genetic variants of susceptibility to breast, prostate, colorectal, bladder, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, have been identified. multiple myeloma and testicular cancer.

Lines of research

1. Genetic-epidemiological research on cancer in Galicia: breast cancer (BREOGAN), prostate cancer (PRAGGA), colorectal cancer (GALEON), bladder cancer (GBCS). GWAS studies, sequencing studies, B-CAST (http://www.b-cast.eu/), BRIDGES (BReast Cancer RIsk after Diagnostic Gene Sequencing, https://bridges-research.eu/) are performed.

2. Development and Implementation of BOADICEA and PRS as a screening tool in the Galician population.

3. Project ISCIII PI17/00918: Oxidative stress-induced apoptosis pathway in breast cancer: biochemical and Mendelian Randomization analysis.

4. Chemo-prevention of cancer. Clinical trial of vitamin D in women at high risk of breast cancer.

5. Studies of genetic epidemiology of stomach and lung cancer. Its objectives are to recruit young patients diagnosed with stomach cancer, and non-smokers diagnosed with lung adenocarcinoma, and to identify genomic signatures associated with these neoplasms.

6. Microbiome in breast cancer. Evaluation of the effect of the Microbiome on the etiology and response to standard oncological treatment of breast cancer.

7. Genetic determinants of Coronavirus infection. Through a consortium of 8,000 patients, we will study the genetic and genomic determinants of COVID-19 infection.

Research team
Gago Domínguez, Manuela

Researchers (established or associate)
Calaza Cabanas, Manuel
Peña Fernández, Maite
Torres Español, María

Postdoctoral staff
Fernández López, Fernando
Pérez Martelo, Martín

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