C027 – Interaccións Neuroendocrinas en Enfermidades Reumáticas e Inflamatorias (Neirid)

Obxectivos e liñas de investigación


Dr. Gualillo’s primary research focussed on the immunometabolic molecular signals triggered by adipokines and on the pathways through which these molecules are involved in rheumatic diseases and in the inflammatory response of chondrocytes, synovial cell, and immune cells in particular in osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and intravertebral disc cells degeneration. Over the past years, his group has contributed to multiple aspects of research on the roles of adipokines in inflammation in rheumatic disorders and to define the molecular basis of immunometabolic responses in chondrocytes, cartilage and intravertebral disc. Dr. Gualillo’s group is also involved in pre-clinical research applications of herbs and natural products in medicine, including studies of herb-drug interactions and other aspects of the safety and pharmacological properties of herbal medicines.
Very recently, the group has focused on the critical importance of biomaterials in the creation of new devices and systems for drug delivery and cell-based regenerative medicine.

Liñas de investigación

1- Identification of extracellular and intracellular signaling of novel adipokines in cartilage and other joint tissues
2- Interactions between innate and adaptive immune system and adipose tissue: role of adipokines in the modulation of T regulatory cells and other immune cells subsets
3- Adipokines and intravertebral disc pathophysiology. Effects of adipokines on cartilage relevant trandscription factors
4- Effect of micronutrients of herbal and algae extract on cartilage and disc cells pathophysiology
5- Kinase inhibitors tom target inflammatory response in cartilage


Equipo investigador

Gualillo, Oreste


Abdelhafez, Mariam Ramadan Farrag
Campos Cabaleiro, Víctor
Cordero Barreal, Alfonso
Domínguez Graña, Antía
Fernández Bustillo, José Manuel
Fernández Rodríguez, Tania
Gallego Goyanes, Adrián
Gonçalvez Fernández, Carolina
González Rodríguez, María
Hermida Sánchez, Miguel
Leboráns Eiras, Susana
López Estrada, Iria
Pérez Rodríguez, Tamara
Pino Mínguez, Jesús
Pombo Expósito, Sergio
Ramadan Farrag AbdElHafez , Yousof
Ruiz Fernández, Clara
Santín Amo, José María
Serramito García, Ramón
Sineiro Torres, Jorge
Soto Ordóñez, José Luis
Torrijos Pulpón, Carlos
Varela García, María
Villar Liste, Rosa

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